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Q Grader Prep Course

3 hrs


9.5 / 10

  • The Q Grader Prep Course is designed for individuals seeking to further their expertise in the world of roasted coffee. This comprehensive program covers a range of essential topics such as green coffee grading, sensory skills, and cupping protocols.

  • The Q Grader Prep Course is the ultimate coffee learning course for those passionate about all things caffeinated. This comprehensive program offers a deep dive into the world of coffee, covering everything from bean to brew with expert instruction and hands-on training. Participants will learn how to identify different coffee varieties, roast levels, flavors, and aromas through a series of sensory exercises and guided tastings. With a focus on quality assessment and grading techniques, students will develop their palates and gain valuable skills that are essential for becoming certified Q Graders. From cupping sessions to calibration exercises, this course provides an immersive experience that will challenge participants to refine their tasting abilities and deepen their knowledge of specialty coffee. So whether you're looking to advance your career in the industry or simply enhance your appreciation for this beloved beverage, the Q Grader Prep Course is sure to be an exciting journey filled with discovery and mastery.

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