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The Artisan Behind the Beans
Introducing Our
Roast Master

At the heart of our coffee journey is Anup Singh, a distinguished Q-Grader and Q Processing Professional accredited by the Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) of California, USA. Anup's coffee roasting adventure began in the humble confines of his garage-turned-micro-roastery in Jakarta, Indonesia. His initiation into coffee roasting was as organic as the beans he cherishes.

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An adventurous spirit, Anup is not just about coffee; he's also an avid motorcycle builder and trekker, indulging in these pursuits when he's not immersed in his primary passion for coffee. His love for the bean extends beyond just roasting; he's truly a coffee aficionado at heart. When not engulfed by the aroma of roasting coffee, Anup can be found either revving up his custom-built motorcycle or traversing scenic trails, pursuits that resonate with his zeal for life and love for coffee.
 Anup's journey hasn't always been about coffee. With a solid 15 years in the corporate world, focusing on strategy management and direct private equity, he's now fully embraced his entrepreneurial spirit, now dedicating his efforts full-time to the coffee and gastronomy. His connection with coffee farmers in Indonesia and India has brought him immense pleasure and fulfilment. Anup dedicates his time to continual education on coffee, aiming to enhance the quality of coffee in significant, albeit small, ways. His relentless commitment is evident as he spends his days experimenting with every facet of coffee, from its processing and roasting to the fine art of brewing. He is ceaselessly engaged in the pursuit of perfecting his craft to make a meaningful impact on the coffee we drink.

Q Arabica Grader Certificate
Q Processing Professional Certificate

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