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Roasting Intro


Are you passionate about coffee and eager to master the art of coffee roasting? Our comprehensive course will help you understand and identify what is happening with the coffee bean in the coffee roaster. Anup Singh, a seasoned coffee sensory expert (a CQI Q Arabica Grader and Q Processing Professional), trained and worked with some of the best Indonesian roasters will deep dive into the world of coffee beans and you emerge with a profound understanding of the roasting process. In this immersive experience, you'll learn to monitor and adjust your roast to perfection with full control over your roasting process. You will be taught to detect subtle changes in aroma, color, and sound—key indicators to what's happening inside the bean. With this knowledge, you'll have the capability to control and achieve the perfect roast batch after batch. By joining us, you're not just learning to roast coffee; you're gaining the confidence to craft exceptional coffee experiences. Whether you're aspiring to be a professional roaster or simply a coffee enthusiast looking to up your game, this course is your stepping stone to a deeper appreciation and command of the coffee roasting art. Enroll now and take the first step towards roasting your own coffee and enjoying the process. You will Learn : 1) Basic Roasting Concepts 2) Measuring Points 3) Rate of Rise 4) Roast Profiling 5) Roast Dynamics 6) The First Crack and the Roast Development 7) Airflow 8) Heat Transfer 9) Sensory Milestones 10) Sample Roasting practical




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