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Brewing Intro


Learn the theory behind the extraction of coffee, identify the four primary sensory aspects of brewed coffee, understand the essential elements of brewing and optimum extraction, and master the brewing control chart. You will Learn : 1) Brewing and extraction theory, coffee to water ratio 2) Flavour wheel explained 3) Analysis of sensory attributes related to particle/ grind size 4) Brewing Methods and techniques. Demonstrate grind levels consistent for different brewing methods. 5) Water composition and temperature effects 6) How to use a TDS measurement and brewing chart. 7) Aspects of good grinding practices. As a value add, you will learn Coffee Grinding Concepts. 1) Grinders and types, Intro to Distribution of the Grind, Grinding & Density of the Coffee, Grinding and Roast Degree, Grinding and Weather 2) Changes, Grinding & Coffee Varietal 3) Review the fundamentals of brewing with Learn how to use brewing equipments: 1) Brewing with French Press 2) Brewing with Drip brewer V60 /Kalita 3) Brewing with Chemex 4) Brewing with Aeropress 5) Crumpled Brown Paper




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