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Cupping protocols / Cupping Essentials


Cupping Essentials teaches you the fundamentals of cupping. There is no expectation of past knowledge going into this course as the focus of the course is learning – not testing. This course covers how to utilize Coffee Quality Institute’s (CQI) cupping forms, as well as how to use sensory skills to evaluate the coffee. You will learn every step of the cupping process including weighing, grinding, table setup and pouring water. No previous knowledge or experience is required, as the course is focused more on learning and less on testing. It is an excellent course to take in preparation for the CQI Q Arabica Grader course. A largely practical course introducing you to the flavour wheel and instructions on how to utilise the cupping sheet. We’ll cover the fundamentals of cupping and guide you in describing the distinctive attributes of the coffees. We will have coffee cupping sessions dedicated to the recognition of defects and the ability to recognize the different degrees (and types) of acid and sweetness. ​This course also covers to evaluate specialty coffee introducing concepts such as balance and “clean cup”. You will Learn : 1) The art of coffee cupping 2) The purpose of cupping coffee 3) Specialty and subpar grade coffee cupping 4) Understanding the Flavour wheel 5) Learn about coffee attributes, sample roast identification 6) Calibration of taint and fault defects with the cupping form 7) Using Coffee cupping form for coffee evaluation




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