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Sensory Intro


The Sensory Skills course builds on the concepts and skills on a wide range of topics, including the physiology of taste and aroma; the types of sensory analysis tests, the operation of a cupping session; the diversity of coffee attributes; the use of the SCA Flavour Wheel and WCR Sensory Lexicon; and the implementation of a sensory analysis panel and session. Practical training assesses the ability to identify basic differences in coffee attributes and recall those attributes to access coffee quality. You will Learn : 1) Conduct sensory analysis of coffee 2) Learn about sensory physiology of tastes and aromas 3) Taste, perceive and interpret tastes and aromas 4) How to discriminate between various levels of acidity and bitterness in solution. 5) How to identify common mouthfeel sensations. 6) How the coffee value chain impacts coffee flavour. 7) How to use Triangulation, Difference From Control, and understand CVA Cupping form 8) How to use the CQI cupping form 9) Reinforce operations of cupping 10) Implement sensory analysis panels Participation on this course does not require any prior modules being completed but the Cupping Protocols / Cupping Essentials courses is recommended




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